If you drive a motor vehicle in St. Catharines you’re going to need insurance. So, you must contact a local insurance provider to get the coverage you need. If not, you will be held legally liable for driving without insurance. In the province of Ontario people can pay a fine between $5,000 and $50,000 for getting into an auto accident without insurance.

Since St. Catharines is located inside of Ontario they must meet the minimum province insurance requirements. St. Catharines residents are required to have $200,000 worth of liability coverage. This is the least amount required by law. All drivers should get a quote now for your car.

Liability coverage should be for bodily injury and for property damage. Other forms of coverage such as comprehensive and collision can also be added into the policies. Personal injury protection is another benefit that will go a long way with protecting drivers.

As a driver, when you call in for a quote. You should expect to pay your policy cost based off of certain criteria. Criteria includes age of driver, previous accidents (if any) and type of vehicle that you own. Remember, that more expensive vehicles will cost more money. Policy holders  will also have to pay out more money if they do business with first-rate insurance providers. This is only natural. The companies that provide the best coverage typically charge higher fees.

This does not mean that a driver is forced to do business with these companies. A motorist’s can choose to do business with a budget insurance company that only provides the minimum amount of protection required by law. This is a great option for people who cannot afford a very large policy fee. It is also a great choice for people who just do not want to spend a lot of money on insurance.

Remember that insurance companies will take the cost of a policy and spread it out over a monthly period. No two people will necessarily have the same type of policy or coverage. Different people have different insurance requirements and their policies will reflect this.

Policy holders should also be mindful of adding extra drivers to their plans. Especially, if these drivers are younger. Young drivers have less experience and companies tend to charge a higher fee for these more risky drivers. Driver should search around to get the best quotes possible. They should make sure that their policies really have them covered while they are out on the road.

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